La Salle Military Academy

La Salle began in Westchester, NY circa 1883 by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, reportedly under the name "Westchester Institute" (although there is debate about that), and then later under the name "Sacred Heart Academy."  In the years to follow, they moved the Academy to Clason Point in the Bronx and renamed it "Clason Point Military Academy."  Around 1926, Clason Point purchased the Frederick G. Bourne Estate in Oakdale and moved there.  It was then renamed La Salle Military Academy in honor of St. John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools around the year 1680.

La Salle operated as a military academy until 2001.  In 2001, the last class graduated and the Academy was sold to St. Johns University as a satellite campus.  The alumni association of La Salle maintains a website which you might want to visit as well.  Click here for the alumni site...  On a related note, in 1962, Mrs. Alexander D. Thayer of Gwynett Valley, PA, who was the daughter of Frederick G. Bourne, deeded the Singer Castle at Dark Island (built in 1904 on one of the Thousand Islands in upstate NY) to the Brothers for $1 after a dispute arose over the Island's value with the governing Town of Hammond.  The Brothers eventually sold the Castle to Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Martine.

Below are pictures and information while Indian Neck Hall was under the name La Salle Military Academy.  For information prior to that, please refer to the section on Frederick Bourne.   Special thanks to George Gelish, LSMA 1974 for source material.

Special thanks to Mr. Byron P. Devillier who wrote to clarify that the Mansion pictures are actually those of St. Joseph's Hall.  This housed the dormitory and classrooms.  The St. Joseph Hall steps, were referred to by the La Salle Cadets simply as "The Steps," and only upperclassmen were allowed on these marble steps.  Images prefixed with '*' are courtesy of Mr. Devillier.  He attended the La Salle summer program; the National Leadership Training Center, while in high school and he was a counselor there while in college.  His summers from 1983-1990 were spent in Oakdale with La Salle cadets and others.  His additions to this site have greatly enhanced our section on La Salle!